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What is an Independent RICS Valuation Report?

An Independent Valuation Report is a legal and professional assessment of the price of a property.

It is conducted by a neutral party who is a qualified RICS Chartered Surveyor who has no interest in the property being assessed.

Why would I need an Independent Valuation Report?

There are many reasons why you might need an Independent Valuation Report, including:

- To help you decide whether to buy or sell a property

- To provide evidence of the value of your property for legal purposes, such as divorce or probate

- To apply for a government grant such as Help to Buy

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What is the difference between an Independent Valuation Report and a Survey?

An Independent Valuation Report is not a Survey. A detailed Home Survey Report will provide you with more detailed information about the condition of the property, including any potential defects.

A valuation provides only the current Market Value of the property.

What does an Independent Valuation Report include?

An Independent Valuation Report will typically include the following information:

- The property's address

- The property's description

- The property's market value

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